Are you ready to get your carpets replaced? If they were installed several decades ago, they may no longer have that lush, full appearance that they did when you first got them. If you are ready to get new carpets installed in each room of the home because the old ones no longer feel comfortable or look good, you are going to need to work on removing the old carpet from the floors. It is a time-consuming process, but it is something that you may be able to do on your own if you have some extra time.

Gather the Tools You Will Need to Use

You are going to need to have certain tools available when ripping up the carpet from the floors. The first and most important tool to have is a utility knife because then you can cut through the carpet, making slits in different parts of the room before placing a pry bar underneath the material and pulling it up from the floor. In addition to your utility knife, you should have a few pry bars in assorted sizes, a staple remover, and pliers available to help with getting rid of any unwanted staples and small bits and pieces of carpet from the corners of each room. Aside from removing the carpet itself, you may need to remove any padding that was underneath it. You can easily do so with the same set of tools. If you do not already have these specific tools at home, you can find them at any home improvement store.

Rent a Dumpster

When you are removing the carpet from several rooms in the home, you are going to have a lot of debris left to deal with. This is far too much waste for a standard trash bin, so you will want to look into renting out a dumpster for dumping all the junk that you are pulling from the floors of your property. You can find local companies to provide this service like this one that offers dumpster rental in Aurora, IL. They will drop the container off at your chosen site, pick it up when you’re done filling it and discard of your trash for you at the local yard. You are not necessarily going to need the largest dumpster, but you will need something that provides enough space for everything that you are throwing out in the trash during the carpet removal process.

Decide What Type of Carpet to Get

Before you have your old carpet replaced with something new, you should look at different carpet samples to get a feel for what you like and would much rather have in your home. Various carpet materials are available to choose from, including nylon, wool, and polyester. We can show you some of the other carpet material options that are offered while helping you pick a color and style that you believe will look best in different parts of the home. You can always choose unique carpet styles for each of the different rooms, such as your living room, bedroom, and guestroom.

Pick Out Your Padding

While you do need to figure out what kind of carpet you will have installed on the floors of your home, you should also decide on the specific type of padding to have installed directly underneath it. If you want to have as much support and comfort on the floors as possible, you are going to want to have plenty of padding. Some options include foam pads, synthetic fiber pads, and rebond pad. We can go over these options with you and help you pick the perfect type of padding based on comfort, support, and affordability.

If you are going to replace the carpets in your home, these are some of the different things you are going to need to do. You should make sure that you have the proper tools to remove the carpet from the floors because you do not want to get started and then have a difficult time getting everything out and into the dumpster. Along with having the right tools to complete the job, you should rent a portable dumpster that you can use when throwing away all the debris from this project. If you need additional assistance with removing the carpet, picking out a replacement carpet for each room, and then having the new carpet installed, we can help you while making the process that much easier for you.