Two of the most popular flooring options are valued for their unique qualities which actually contrast beautifully with each other. Both hardwood floors and plush carpets have their specific advantages and characteristics that make them suitable and even ideal in different locations.

By understanding the nature of these flooring options a cunning homebuyer can increase the quality of home life, improve the hygienic atmosphere and increase the value of their investment. Let’s take a look at the most important advantages of carpeting vs. hardwood floors.

The Advantages of Hardwood Floors

It’s not just their prestigious look and classy appeal, hardwood floors have an enduring nature and fresh appeal. Here are some other things we love about hardwood floors.

Easy to keep clean – hardwood floors are especially easy to clean and makes them suitable for even the driest and dustiest regions. Carpets on the other hand are notorious for harboring pollen, allergens, and microbes and even tiny domestic insects who’s shedding and feces can cause breathing irritations and dry cough. But, hardwood’s smooth solid surface can be swept, vacuumed and mopped to perfection.

Long-lasting and durable – hardwood floors can stand the test of time and last for years and even generations. When the surface begins to be married and look a bit dingy, it can be refinished professionally and restored to original beauty. This can be done many times as well, meaning the initial investment will continue being a beauty for years to come.

Carpets are beautiful, but require twice the effort to maintain original brightness and freshness for about half as long. Also, you won’t have to rotate your hardwood floor to counter the effects of foot traffic.

Natural and ecologically friendly – You will want to make sure the hardwood you buy for your floors is cultivated and harvested responsibly. If it is, than your hardwood floor is a more ecologically-friendly flooring solution. Hardwood trees can be planted, harvested and cycled to ensure there is enough for everyone. Most carpets, on the other hand, are made from synthetic materials. They are petroleum products and when they do end up in the landfill, will cause a considerable problem for ecosystems.  

The Advantages of Carpeting

Carpeting is warm and snuggly and certainly the most ideal choice for cultivating a comfortable and cozy home life. Here are the best things about carpeting.

Softness & Warmth – the biggest selling point of the carpeted floor is how warm and soft it feels under foot. Getting out of bed at the dead of winter can be unforgiving if your warm toes contact the ice cold hardwood floor, but a soft cushy carpet is something else. Nothing creates such an inviting and homey atmosphere like a carpeted floor.

Safety – carpeted floors are actually safer for small children and even the elderly who may suffer injuries from impacting the hard surface of a hardwood floor. With a carpet, the plush softness can cushion the fall and avoid injuries. This is definitely something to think about in areas of the home that call for rough indoor play or in those homes with small children and elderly relatives.

Sound-deadening – the major problem with hardwood floors, is they can begin to develop voice of their own. In addition to carrying the sound of footsteps with perfect clarity, a hardwood floor will begin to get comfy and start muttering, squeaking and creaking in certain places. This can be addressed with area mats, but it will never be as dead silent as a carpeted room.

Final Notes on Carpeting Vs Hardwood Flooring

Both, types of flooring have their advantages and applications in a safe, clean and comfortable home life. Taking the time to choose the best option room to room may be the best choice in deciding between hardwood flooring and carpeting options.