There is a common debate when contemplating whether to have most things done professionally or just doing them yourself. Carpet cleaning is one of those things. Think about it, you can:

  1. Go out and buy your own carpet cleaner and pay for the machine one time and be done with it, and have the machine to use for years, and after 2 or 3 cleanings it has paid for itself. Buy the cleaner and get 1 or 2 cleanings out of it depending on the size of the container of cleaner.
  2. You can go rent one for about $20-$25 and do it yourself as well. This means you got your carpet cleaned for about a quarter of the cost including the cleaner.

But immediate cost is just one aspect to look at, though it is one that most of us look at in the short term. But, long term, is it really better for your carpet to do it yourself? Is it good for the floor underneath the carpet to do it yourself?

There are many types of carpet, made with many different types of material, many needing a specific cleaner or method for cleaning. Some do better with steam or hot water, some do better with cold water.

What if you get too much water on the carpet and damage the floor underneath? Now, not only has your savings gone out the window, but now you gotta have the carpet removed, the floor repaired and new carpet laid or a new floor covering installed resulting in a lot more money being spent than anticipated when you began your little do-it yourself project.

There is a “C” option that we didn’t cover above, and that is having a professional carpet cleaner come out and clean your carpet. Granted, you may pay $100-$300 or more depending on the number and size of the rooms being cleaned, but you have somebody that knows all the things you didn’t in the first part of this article.  Professional carpet cleaners will have the equipment, the knowledge and the experience needed to safely clean your specific type of carpet, thereby protecting your investment in the house, carpet, etc. In the long run, having your carpet cleaned regularly by a professional will lengthen the life-span of your carpet.

There is another savings involved in having your carpet professionally cleaned, and that is the savings of your personal time. Time can be more valuable than money in most of our lives, and unlike money, once it is spent, you can’t replace it or earn more!

So, if you’re in the middle of this debate currently in your home, hopefully we have given you some things to consider that you hadn’t thought of when considering which way to go. Our advice is don’t take chances on damaging your floor or your carpet, call a professional and have it done safely!

If you need Carpet Cleaning Gastonia, NC, call our friends at Gastonia Carpet Pros, and they will take great care of you and your carpet.