Good news to all you pet owners out there! It is possible to sport a bright, sharp and fresh-smelling carpet and liv with a favorite animal companion. But, this involves knowing exactly how to handle any messy situations that arise. So, let’s get right into the rudiments of keeping carpets fresh and clean with indoor pets.

The Cleaning Agents

Before we get into the various messes and how best to address them, it is essential to establish our plan of attack and the agents at our disposal. When cleaning up these biological messes – urine, feces, vomit and potentially blood – the idea is to lift and blot all contaminant out, not scrub them deeper into the fabric.

There are several commercial carpet cleaners that provide an effervescent bubbling action, but there is no evidence that this will work any better than some household compounds you already have at hand.

White Vinegar – cleans, disinfects and kills odors, but be careful! It can remove colors too.

Baking Soda – absorbs grease, kills odors, antibacterial and facilitates dry removal with a vacuum

Vinegar + Baking Soda – powerful effervescent action suitable for removing contaminants deeply embedded in the carpet fabrics.

Hydrogen Peroxide – effervescent action especially suitable for removing certain fluids from fabrics, potentially a bleaching agent.

Club Soda – Clean water? With Bubbles! This could be useful.

If you have a commercial cleaner, great. If not, armed with these agents of cleanliness and without delay, set upon the task of removing the contamination. Work quickly before its odors and chemicals deeply infiltrate the carpet and make full-removal more difficult.

Urine – grab some paper towels or dry rags and begin gently dabbing the spot to absorb as much of the urine from carpet as you can. Once you can’t absorb any more use a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water to re-moisten the affected area. Repeat the process of blotting the spot as many times as you need until it the affected area is cleaned. If stains are especially heavy or old, sprinkle some baking soda into the spot and gently work it into the fabric before pouring a vinegar/water solution over the area.

Blot and repeat as before.

Feces–– be happy for the big dry clumps that are easily lifted and carted off, because if your cat or dog has an upset stomach the scene can look grim, but still easily and effectively addressed. Begin by carefully removing as much solid matter as possible and absorbing all liquid excrement with paper towels or cloths.

If there is still a lot of solid contaminants in the carpet, we will need something bubbly to dislodge this. A bottle of club soda is just the thing. Go ahead and shake it a bit right before applying to the affected area. Gently, brush the carpet fabrics with upward motions and towards the center of the stain as the pollutants rise to the top.

Once you have removed as much feces as you can, address the rest of the spot as you would a regular urine stain, the vinegar will remove all foul odors.  

Vomit and Blood

If your pet has become sick or injured in some way, you may need to remove vomit or blood from your carpets fabrics. It is important to move quickly as these two bodily fluids have the greatest propensity for staining carpets. Begin by removing any solids and blotting as much of the fluid as you can from the spot.

Hydrogen peroxide is especially effective at removing these fluids, a 50/50 solution with water should do the trick quite well, use a toothbrush to gently pull (but not scrub) the hydrogen peroxide and contaminants to the center of the stain where you will lift them with a blotting rag or towel. Repeat this as many times as you need till all vestiges of blood and vomit are gone. Finish up with the vinegar and water treatment to assure no-enduring smells.

Final Notes on  Cleaning Pet Stains from the Carpet

These tips are time-honored, cost-effective and task-effective as well, so it pays to get some experience. If you notice stains are not coming out, or the task is beyond your current capacity, don’t hesitate to get professional help. A professional cleaning will ensure all pet hairs, pet dander, fecal matter and dried urine are completely removed and you can enjoy a nice fresh atmosphere – with your pet.